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Author: we made it

Gift Tags and Wrapping

If you would like to make your gift presentation a little bit extra special this year, try some DIY adornments and gift tags. Pictured are some of the things that I have made this Christmas. First is the paper medallion.  It is made using 4 sheets of 15cm square origami paper accordion folded, taped together,… View more

Tiny Little Weaves

I recently found the smallest, cutest little weaving loom in a $2 shop (in Greece). I like to do the odd weave (in life size) so I had to buy this one and have a go. Im not sure what I will do with them  – maybe turn them into brooches or use them to add… View more

Spooky Black (bean) Dip

Spooky Black Bean Dip Being a food lover and experimenter, I always like to make a themed food for occasions. One of my favourite things to do is to make a certain food in an interesting colour. With Halloween just around the corner I am going for black and orange.   In our house we are… View more


by Vicki Runnegar Check out these little motorized drawing machines the we made at the Ipswich Art Gallery with paper cups, lots of tape and some pens/pencils.   They zoomed around the gallery floor making pictures for us – best fun ever!


by Vicki Runnegar Today we visited the Ipswich Art Gallery, a little gallery about half an hour outside of Brisbane. Every time we visit it offers really interesting and fun activities for kids that I enjoy perhaps a little too much. Today I elbowed a few kids out of the way and made my way… View more

Tools of the (crafty) Trade

Tools of the (crafty) Trade

Tools of the (crafty) Trade There are so many different craft activities to try and all of which will have their own specialist tools. However a basic tool kit will go a long (crafty) way. It doesn’t need to be fancy just a few basic items to get you started, a kit you will no doubt… View more



Hello, we are Vicki and Nikki and together we are Make Make Co, an on-line community in support of all things craft which we hope you will join. We have been making craft ever since we can remember and collectively we are product designers, fashion designers, bakers, mothers, and friends. We hope to use this… View more