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Gift Tags and Wrapping

Gift Tags and Wrapping

If you would like to make your gift presentation a little bit extra special this year, try some DIY adornments and gift tags.

Pictured are some of the things that I have made this Christmas.

First is the paper medallion.  It is made using 4 sheets of 15cm square origami paper accordion folded, taped together, glued in the center and finished with a gold adhesive dot.

Next is a pom pom, it adds a nice touch I think.  For full instructions on how to make a pompom, go here.

Thirdly is a Spirograph gift tag.  Spirograph’s have made a bit of a comeback as a popular toy.  I am personally a fan and this is a great project for kids.  I used some gel tipped pens in metallic red, gold, silver and white on recycled card-stock.  Cut the card 6.5 cm x 8.5cm around your design, crop the corners.  Place a silver circle sticker center/top and punch a hole through.

Lastly is the origami bow, I used shiny origami paper from the local Japanese grocery store.  For full instructions on how to make an origami bow, go here.