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Air Dry Clay Vessels

Air Dry Clay Vessels

CelebrateHome & LivingMother's Day

by Vicki Runnegar

Today’s DIY is making a clay vessel using air-drying clay.  These would make a great Mother’s Day gift.  They can be used as a mini planter.  I have put air plants in mine, I bought them online from hereI have used air plants because they don’t require soil and a lot of water.  The air drying clay will deteriorate if exposed to a lot of water.  I have applied a water based varnish to mine to protect them from water.  You could also use these vessels as a jewellery dish.   There are a couple of approaches to making these vessels depending on your skill level.  Kids will probably get more satisfaction using the cookie cutter method – a flower, circle or star shape would all work whereas older kids and adults can experiment with the pinch pot method.  I purchased my air drying clay from the local art supply store.  It is great material to have on hand; kids (and adults) will enjoy experimenting with it, it is versatile and doesn’t need to be fired like regular clay.  Download complete step by step instructions at the bottom of the post.


Here is an example of a finished vessel using the cookie cutter method.

Here is an example of a finished vessel using the pinch pot method.


Clay Vessel Step by Step Instructions