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Make Your Own Ribbon

Make Your Own Ribbon

Basic Skill

Making your own ribbon out of left over fabric scraps is a great (and cheap) way to jazz up your gift wrapping.

What You Will Need

For this tutorial, you will need a ruler, self healing cutting mat and a rotary cutter. If you don’t have these items, just use scissors and pins.

Step 1

Gather up all pf your favorite fabric scraps, the more the merrier and the crazier the better.

Step 2

I have used the width of my ruler as my guideline. Place fabric on cutting mat, secure ruler on top. Press down and cut a length with the rotary cutter.

Step 3

Continue cutting as many strips of fabric as you like. I ended up with about 3 meters when I was done.

Step 4

Hold fabric ends together with right sides facing inwards. Sew a 1cm seam. Do this for all of your strips.

Step 5

Now you have created a great length of ribbon. Trim the loose threads and press.

Step 6

I have chosen to trim the seams and sides with pinking sears, you can do this too if you like.

Step 7

Give your ribbon one final press. You are finished! Now get gift wrapping.

Click on image below to download full instructions!

Make Your Own Ribbon_Instructions

Basic Skill