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Felt Christmas Banner

Felt Christmas Banner

CelebrateChristmasFabricMedium Project

What You Will Need
For this tutorial, you will need a felt, trims (pompoms, ribbon, beads etc), scissors, pins, double sided fusing, paper, sticky tape & a hole punch for the corners.

Step 1
Write your message in your chosen font. I have used  Escafina & Ranger, both from http://www.losttype.com/ Use sticky tape to secure it onto the felt and cut out.

Step 2
I have added some decorative details in felt to add to my banners.

Step 3
Now you have cut out all of your pieces it is time to attach to the banner. Use double sided interfacing to secure the pieces in place ready for sewing.

Step 4
Once you have done this. Carefully sew the writing and elements to the banner. This is a bit fiddly so take your time.

Step 5
Now you have finished sewing the elements onto the banner. Attach the back banner and sew inside out. Turn through and press.

Step 6
You can now decorate your banners with fun trims. I have used pompoms and beads.

Step 7
Use a hole punch to add holes in the corners for your rope to hang.

Download PDF Instructions Here!


Sewing Project:
Felt Christmas Banner