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The Cat Bag is an advanced level tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to sew a fully lined, zip opening, denim bag with
adjustable straps and a cheeky little cat face.

What you will need

Heavy weight fabric (we chose a denim)

Light weight fabric for lining

Leather scraps for the face (or you can use felt)

Bag strap buckles 26mm (2 bar x 2)

Bag strap buckle 26mm (3 bar x 1)

18cm zip

Cotton thread

Button for the nose

Sewing machine zipper foot

Denim needle

Seam Allowance

All seam allowance is 1cm

Fabric Suggestion

Medium – heavy weight fabrics are best for the main bag and a light weigh fabric is perfect for the lining.

Printing Pattern
When printing your pattern, make sure the printer is set to ‘do not shrink to page’ and once printed the tester square measures 4cm x 4cm.

Purchase Cat Bag Digital Download Here!

Sewing Project:
Cat Bag