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Free printable Paper Jack O’ Lantern Template

Free printable Paper Jack O’ Lantern Template

CelebrateHalloweenPaper CraftSimple Project

by Vicki Runnegar

Halloween in Australia:

Halloween was a tradition that I firmly ignored until I had kids.   When I was a kid and enticed by another excuse to eat endless lollies, I would ask my mum if we could go trick or treating. She would always reply ‘no, that’s an American thing, we don’t do that here, its not safe blah, blah blah.’ Pasta’s an Italian thing but we were still allowed to do that.

Sure Halloween is a bit culturally irrelevant for us Aussies.   It is in Spring instead if Autumn.  It  is frankly a bit creepy as the primary aim is to scare ghosts away. On the other hand the kiddies eyes light when they see a Jack pumpkin.  They love the process of carving its face up. Kids will jump at any excuse to eat far too much sugar-laden candy, whilst dressed up as a bogeyman.

Trick or Treating isn’t much of a thing in the sunny suburbs of Brisbane.  You can enjoy a range of fun, safe organized activities that kids will enjoy on Halloween.

Chain stores bring out a plethora of plastic Halloween paraphernalia at this time of year. You and the kids can have more fun avoiding all of this future landfill by making your own paper decorations and sticking with a biodegradable pumpkin.

How to make your paper Jack O’ Lantern:

What you need:


  • Orange A4 lightweight board – I used Quill Board-210 gsm. Paper would also work.
  • Wool or string (black is good)
  • 2 medium beads
  • X-ACTO Knife or Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue.


How to:

1.Print out Paper Jack O’ Lantern template onto orange lightweight cardboard.  Do not ‘shrink to printable area’ and also remember to change the settings on your printer (if available) to print onto ‘lightweight cardstock’.

2.Cut out the 2 pieces using an X-ACTO knife or scissors.


3.Using a hole punch, punch out holes on template.


4.Place glue onto one hexagon and position the other hexagon on top, the 2 halves of the face should be next to each other.


5.Get a length of black wool and fold in half, thread a bead onto loose ends and tie in a knot.


6.Thread the folded end of wool through the base of the Paper Jack O’ Lantern, with the face on the outside.

7.Thread the wool from inside to the outside for each petal the Paper Jack O’ Lantern .


8.When all petals are threaded, tighten thread and gently push down the top of the Paper Jack O’ Lantern until it is a good pumpkin shape.


9.Thread a bead on and tie onto a knot.


All done!!!

Paper Jack O'Lantern