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Paper CraftSimple Project

These ANZAC day poppies are a really simple project.  It only takes 5-10mins to make each one.  This is a good ANZAC day project for kids.  You can use the wire to secure the poppy into a buttonhole or onto a safety pin.  You could experiment with making poppies in a variety of colors and use as a table centerpiece.

What you need:

  • Red tissue paper.  1 x 12cm x12cm, 1 x 12cm x 17cm
  • Black tissue paper.  1 x 12cm x 12cm
  • Cotton thread
  • Jewellery Wire.  10cm
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Place the 12cm x 12cm black tissue paper on top of the 12cm x 12cm red tissue paper.  Accordion fold the 2 pieces of tissue paper together, folding at 0.5cm intervals.

Accordion fold the 12cm x 17cm piece of red tissue paper at 0.5cm intervals.  Start folding along the 12cm edge.  Fold both pieces in half as pictured.

Using cotton thread, tie up tightly around the center fold, wrap the cotton around a couple of times to make sure it is strong.

Fan out the black and red tissue paper and separate the sheets.  Gather the black tissue paper up and outward from the red.

Trim the black tissue paper to about 1.5cm long, make a few snips downward into the black paper.  Ease the red tissue paper up to make a concave petal shape and round the edges with scissors.

Wrap the jewellery wire around the center of the  12cm x 17cm piece of red tissue paper and twist to secure.  Fan it out.

Form into a concave petal shape and trim corners to give a rounded shape.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the black and red piece on top of the red piece.

Now your Poppy is finished!