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Spider Web Sewing Cards

CelebrateHalloweenkidsPaper Craft

by Vicki Runnegar

Sew your own spider webs with these DIY printable sewing cards.

This is a fun craft activity for kids to do for Halloween.

What you need:

White Lightweight Card stock A4


Yarn needle

Blu Tack (or Similar)


First print out your Spider Web Sewing Cards onto lightweight card stock which you can download at the bottom of the page.  Cut out your spider webs.  Place a blob of Blu Tack underneath your sewing card.  Using a yarn needle, poke holes through the cardboard into the Blu Tack – this will prevent the card from bending and ripping during sewing.

Thread your yarn needle with a single thread of yarn.  Tie a knot in the end and start sewing.  Use back stitch to get continuous  stitching on the front of the card (the back will look messy at the end) .  Bring your needle up through a hole 1 space ahead and down into the same hole at the end of the last stitch you did.  Younger children might like to try running stitch or just yarn threading through any holes.

Here is how it should look after some stitching.

Now you are finished, tie off your thread on the back of the card and stick your spooky spider web on the wall as a Halloween decoration.


Spider Web Sewing Cards