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Sushi Cushion Set

Sushi Cushion Set

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by Vicki Runnegar

Make your own Sushi Cushions.

Oishii sushi!!!!

Sushi is delicious, it also makes a nice Cushion friend.

I first came up with this design in the early 2000’s when Nikki(fellow Makemakeco founder) and myself had our business together called ‘This Wallpaper Rocks’ back then the sushi friends were called Norm, Bob and Mr Robato.  Well I have brought them out of retirement to share with you.

This tutorial comes with a complete pattern and step by step photo instructions which you can download at the bottom of the page.
This sushi cushion set comes with tuna, egg and prawn options.  The toppings can be taken off the rice and switched around as they are attached with hook and loop tape.  Kids love these sushi friends,  they would make a fun addition to a kids room.

This is a medium difficulty project.  You will need a sewing machine and some basic sewing skills to make these guys.

The overall dimension of each cushion are

overall dimensions H27cm x W42cm

The seam allowance is 1cm

You will need to print out the pattern and join it up before you get making, here is a complete view of the pattern:


Sushi Cushion Set Pattern

Sushi Cushion Step by Step Intructions