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Spooky Black (bean) Dip

Spooky Black (bean) Dip

Spooky Black Bean Dip

Being a food lover and experimenter, I always like to make a themed food for occasions. One of my favourite things to do is to make a certain food in an interesting colour. With Halloween just around the corner I am going for black and orange.   In our house we are making a bit of a tradition of having a special dinner on Halloween. It is really fun for kids to see food presented in new and unexpected ways. One of the favourites to date is having dinner served in a hollowed out golden nugget pumpkin – pretty simple but fun none the less.   This year I am thinking squid ink spaghetti will be a winner….

If you are hosting a Halloween party and need a little inspiration I have put together this Spooky Black (bean) Dip. It is really a new take on hummus using black beans instead of chickpeas and fabulous black tahini. I have used the Cawari brand black tahini and I am inclined to agree with the label that states it is a ‘magical teat’ – the deep shiny black colour is really remarkable. You should be able to get black tahini from your local health food store.


125g Dried Black Beans

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

130g black tahini paste

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 garlic cloves, crushed

50ml cold water

½ tsp salt

Smokey paprika (optional)

Olive oil (to serve)

How To:

Soak black beans overnight.

Cook black beans with bicarbonate soda over medium head for a couple of minutes while stirring.

Cover with plenty of water and allow to cook until soft – approximately 1-2 hours, try to allow the water to reduce as the black beans soften to maintain as much black colour as possible.

In a food processor place cooked black beans (strained), black tahini paste, roughly chopped garlic, lemon juice and salt. Process until smooth, add the cold water in a slow dribble and continue to process for a few minutes to get a nice smooth consistency. Add a little more lemon or salt to taste, add a little more water of you would like a looser consistency.

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with smokey paprika to serve. To stick with the black and orange theme, serve with carrot crudités.