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Tools of the (crafty) Trade

Tools of the (crafty) Trade

Tools of the (crafty) Trade

Tools of the (crafty) Trade

There are so many different craft activities to try and all of which will have their own specialist tools. However a basic tool kit will go a long (crafty) way. It doesn’t need to be fancy just a few basic items to get you started, a kit you will no doubt refer back to many times over and as your love for the craft grows, so to will your tool kit.  We have created a bit of a short list, a who’s who of the craft tool world to get you on your way. Some of these tools are child friendly and others will need strict adult supervision (tools you know who you are).

Lets start with the basics; the humble find them anywhere tools. We all know who these guys are we grew up with them:


You will want a selection of these as different jobs call for different adhesives. Start with a good all rounder. I suggest PVA, a good child friendly, washes off in water, won’t glue your eyelids together type of guy.  PVA will stick down paper, fabric, light wood, buttons, beads and glitter. But be aware, if you use too much you will end up with clear, grumpy blobs. While you are stocking up on adhesives, it’s a good idea to get a glue stick, double sided tape (everyone’s best friend) and some good old faithful masking tape. Washi tape is available in such magical array of colours and designs – who wouldn’t want to own some? Plus it’s the best wrapping paper surface decoration ever.

Hot Glue Gun

A great asset to any craft kit. Caution this is an adult’s only tool!

Will melt the tips off your finders if your not careful but will be so worth it when you finally stick down that pesky sequin once and for all!

Bone Folder

I know, sounds scary but its not, it’s from spotlight. This handy flat resin tool helps put perfect creases and scores in any paper project.

Cutting Devises

Scissors are truly a craft kits best friend and lets face it without the scissors all you can do is finger paint. It is wise to have multiple pairs for adults and plastic blunt ones for the kids. Also worth mentioning are the pinking shears, which are great for decorative edges and to stop fabric from fraying. Scalpels – use these guys to cut out stencils and delicate little paper work projects. The blades are replaceable so you can basically own the same scalpel for your whole life (bargain).

Pens, Pencils & Paint

You can never have enough, so stock up on these. Some pens, pencils, crayon, felt tip pens, acrylic paint, and watercolours… you name it, go get em, you want them all.

Bits and Bobs,

This is my favourite ingredient. Anything and everything falls into this category, limited only to your imagination. Collect buttons, trims, beads, yarn, fabric scraps, cotton, wool, zips, paper, ribbons, wrapping paper, glitter, felt, magazines, the kitchen sink…

This list is just the tip of the craftburg and there really is an infinite amount of craft tool possibilities. As you learn more techniques, your tool kit will grow.

Hopefully we have helped you to get started.


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